A Review of John’s Hammock in Tagaytay

Tagaytay has always been the most probable answer for any of those who, like me, constantly yearn for an out-of-town detox trip, away from the hustle and the bustle that is Metro Manila.

For those who crave for the crisp Tagaytay yet, don’t want the business of its streets and countless tourists who flock to Tagaytay on holidays, John’s Hammock would be the most suitable place for you and whoever you’re planning the trip with.

It is conveniently located inside the city, but minus the busyness. My brother, a huge fan of airbnb.com, found it on the site and immediately reserved the place, seeing as the price was pretty reasonable for the place– cheap, almost. So when my brother, and his friends, and I visited, we were taken aback at how beautiful and scenic the place was.

Right by the main door, a beautiful hammock is strategically placed in the middle of a platform, surrounded by water, with koi’s happily swimming in it. Once inside, you could see the uniquely designed place, with the common area right in front of the main door, and behind it, the modern kitchen.

It was beautifully decorated, with a huge teddy bear on the second floor watching over everyone in the living room, and guitars, which you can actually borrow, artistically lined up on the wall. According to the owner, presumably John, they decorated the whole place themselves, using only spare tools, tiles, tubes and such to build John’s Hammock.

The couple who owned the place was kind enough to give us the grand tour of the place when we got there. The house has four uniquely designed bedrooms and three bathrooms. They apparently grew their own coffee beans and were generous enough to leave some out for us for our stay.

The host and hostess and sincerely the ones with the mostest and we severely enjoyed our lovely stay in their humble abode, and if it’s any consolation, the place is also pet-friendly!

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