I first heard about Calmoseptine Ointment from my kid’s pediatrician. She recommended it to prevent diaper rashes. Previously, I used petroleum jelly. But when I remove the diaper, I see that the baby’s skin is red. I can only imagine how uncomfortable that feels. Calmoseptine ointment seems effective because my baby’s skin didn’t turn red even after wearing a diaper for a long time. I rub Calmoseptine on the skin for every diaper change.

This ointment comes in a small sachet. It says on the label that it is a multi-purpose moisture barrier ointment. It also helps promote healing of skin irritations from various causes such as: urine, diarrhea, perspiration, and prickly heat.

I myself have tried Calmoseptine for my prickly heat (or bungang araw). When I applied the ointment to the affected part, the ointment gave a somewhat cooling effect which alleviated the pain. The prickly heat was healed in two days. I’m sure it would have healed earlier, but the affected area is near my elbow where the sweat converges. This is proven when my kid had prickly heat on his back. He was cured the next day. He no longer complains of the itch, and there were no more small red marks on his back. My sister also said that it is effective in curing insect bites.

A sachet of Calmoseptine ointment can be used by children and adults. One sachet can last about a week, but it depends on how many people uses it. I only use a thin film for diaper change and prickly heat, so I extend the use to about two weeks. Even if there are no more children in a household, Calmoseptine would still be useful. Because we live in a tropical country, we are prone to experiencing various skin irritations.

Try it now. I used to buy Calmoseptine at Mercury Drug for ₱37 per sachet. But I discovered that it is ₱1 cheaper in The Generics Pharmacy.

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