For someone who washes her clothes and watches TV too often, I’ve seen a flurry of ads featuring laundry soaps of all scents, promises, and celebrity endorsers. Thankfully, we have a sari-sari store whose customers serve as a benchmark for me on which products to use. And I see that Bonux is gaining ground among housewives.

Taking their cue, I decided to use Bonux’s Flower Fiesta variant for my everyday clothes. I realized that it won’t cost me that much should I make a mistake. I just need two things from my laundry soaps: they should be foamy and be mild to the skin.

With Bonux, it did not take much powder and scrubbing for bubbles to appear. After some minutes, the water becomes foamy, enabling you to add more clothes. And in fairness, it can remove smell and dirt. As with my past experiences with concentrated soaps, they tend to be harsher to the skin, at least to mine. I often develop wounds in my fingers that sting whenever they come in contact with water.

Thankfully, Bonux is milder and my fingers were spared. I did become aware of a hint of “stinging” but that’s something that usually happens when your hands get soaked in a soapy solution for too long. Otherwise, it’s friendly to the skin. One thing that I also appreciate in Bonux is its subtle fragrance; the kind that remains in your clothes for a while and wafts in the air when you move about. I proved that when I washed my clothes during an overcast day.

There was enough sunshine that morning but rain showers followed in the afternoon. When my clothes were completely dried some days later, I noticed that they smelled as if they’ve been out in the sun all the same. No traces of being kept indoors or with minimal sunshine. For a soap that retails for PhP 5.00 or less if you buy in department stores, 65-gram Bonux enables me to wash a dozen or so clothes within my budget. And it goes well with other detergent soaps that I use; I usually pair it with Tide or Ariel powder, but that’s for another review.

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