Many may have heard of Dumaguete, but should you get people’s opinions on spending a 2-week vacation to this place, you would probably get a lot of raised eyebrows. Why? For starters, it is a small place. There aren’t many tourist spots that people know about…which is why this article is dedicated to what you can do in this quaint place called Dumaguete.

When you reach Dumaguete, you have 2 options in leaving the airport. You can either take the more expensive way, that is, their taxis, which is priced for foreigners and non-locals who do not know any better, OR, just take their tricycle and pay the minimum fare of Php 8.00. After all, from the airport, you would probably spend around 10minutes or so to reach the city.

Many have recommended Harold’s Mansion Guest House, but truly, if you are on a budget, choose a place that is neat and within easy distance of places that you would like to go to. Across Robinson’s is another budget-friendly place called TipTop Tower. Another important piece of information before planning your trip is that while Dumaguete is quite small, there are around regular big events that happen. On May, there’s Santacruzan and Kabulakan Festival, August is Silliman’s Founder’s Day, City Fiesta and Charter Day happen on November, October has Buglasan Festival, plus graduation rites on March and October.

Silliman is probably the biggest and most known when you talk about Dumaguete, which is why the population is mostly dominated by the younger genre. That being said, your 2-week itinerary should include these places:

  • Silliman University, Silliman Hall, Silliman Portal, Luce Auditorium (within Silliman University), Rizal Boulevard or Quezon Park, Dumaguete Belfry Tower, St. Catherine Cathedral

Should you want a more adventurous and exploratory vacation, include the following in your itinerary:

  • Bais Dolphin-Watching, Manjuyod Sandbar, Lake Balinsasayao, Lake Balanan, Casaroro Falls, Forest Camp, Apo Island, Siquijor Island

Your laid-back Dumaguete trip now certainly sounds more exciting. While you may start out with an initial assumption that you will be having a quiet and laid-back trip to a charming and equally quaint town, you will realize that you simply have to get to know Dumaguete in a different way. What’s more, with more tourists including Dumaguete as a ‘go-to’ destination, a fun, new exciting activity awaits travelers.

There is a new adventure called ‘Dumaguete Blue Hawk Aerial Adventure’. Who says flying can only be done by pilots? In this latest adventure to be offered to Dumaguete locals and tourists alike, check out the breathtaking view of Dumaguete and in her full glory as nature captivates you. See the belfry, Mt. Talinis and many more. If you are confident to be able to fly the plane yourself, you just might be given controls to fly it.

Simply put, Dumaguete is not the usual town with beaches and cathedrals. It has its charming beauty and pull that tourists go back to. What’s more, because it is nearby other islands like Siquijor and Apo Island, you can always plan to go there and be back to Dumaguete at the end of the day.

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