To celebrate her birthday, my friend from Bulacan invited me and our other friends to go to 8 Waves Waterpark. Now, I would normally spend my vacation days on a beach but since it was my friend’s birthday, off we drove all the way to Bulacan. It wasn’t that bad, the drive. We knew we were getting close when open farmlands began to stretch before us. On roadsides, there were beds of rice spread on mats. Cows and carabaos rested freely on grasslands and it was my first time to see a sheep. It was very exciting!

When we finally reached 8 Waves Waterpark in San Rafael, Bulacan, we availed of their day swim option for a fee of PhP 250.00 per person (adults). The rate for children was PhP 200.00 a head. We immediately rented a ‘Long-Span Cottage’ which resembled a jail cell, complete with a padlock! This cost PhP 600.00 (good for 13 persons). This lovely prison acted as a relaxation area and a locker where you can leave your gadgets along with your luggage. I loved this amenity. It allowed us to enjoy the waterpark freely without worrying about the security of our belongings.

Honestly, I thought the idea of fake waves was corny but when I actually got in the ‘Wave Pool’ which was open on weekends only, it was kind of fun. My friends got the timing of the waves down to a tee so we would know exactly when the waves would hit us. It was a riot! The “Safari Pool and Slides” were sensational too! Similar to a roller coaster ride without the roller coaster, it was something I never thought I’d try in a million years, but my friend convinced me and it was so much fun! Scary… but fun. Everyone should try it. There was also a kiddie pool, a lap pool and a bubble pool among other fun facilities.

It was strictly forbidden to bring food inside the waterpark but tables were set up in the parking area so if you’ve brought food, you can eat there. Inside the waterpark, there is a food court, a mini-stop but we opted to eat at Pancake House where I had blueberry pancakes and a chocolate milkshake. It was weird eating in an air-conditioned place while you’re all soaked from swimming. Shortly after eating, we had another go at the pools to burn off the calories.

All in all, I would recommend this place but not to relax but to be active and have fun. This waterpark is crammed with fun little sights and attractions to have fun and take pictures in. When it was time to go home, we were all very tired. The ride home was magical. I have never seen so many stars in my life! It was almost as if they were competing for a place in the sky. This trip left me with a charming impression not only of 8 Waves Waterpark but of Bulacan itself.

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