If there’s one great place to eat in Baguio City, it would be the 50’s Diner on 92 Upper Gen. Luna Rd. Cor Brent Road. It’s huge American 1950’s style neon lit signage and the old red but shiny buggy in front of it will definitely entice you to try its food. When my family and I went there, it was raining and quite late in the evening but people were still lining up to be seated.

We loved the way it sets our mood. The walls have lots of posters of movies and entertainment icons from the 50’s and 60’s. The bar stools we often found in old movies were there and the waitresses wore pink 50’s style collared dress uniforms. There was a jukebox but we didn’t attempt to ask if it still worked. The only drawback for the ambiance was that the music they were piping were from the 1980’s.

The menu, however, was not just full of burgers and sundaes like I thought it would. It had a good mix of both Eastern and Western cuisines like Tempura, Schnitzel, Chicken Cordon Bleu apart from the usual pasta, rice and sandwiches. They also offered cocktails like Blue Champagne, Brandy Alexander and Pink Lady. Non-alcoholic beverages like juice, soda and milkshakes were also readily available for the younger patrons.

The really great thing about the menu is its price list! I, for example, ordered Pasta and Garlic Shrimp (and I loved it). It’s just one dish worth P140.00 but I got so surprised to get a big plate that was good for at least 2 people. The toasted bread that came with it must have been as big as my face… and about 3/4″ inches thick! I had to take home more than half of the meal because I couldn’t finish it.

My mom ordered “For 4 Gangs Ala Pinoy” which was a set meal for four people worth P 850.00 but it seemed fit to be eaten by at least 6 people instead. It was composed of grilled vegetables, Chicken Afritada, Boneless Bangus, Porkchops, rice, iced tea and ice cream. Don’t forget to try my daughter’s instant favorite, Glenn’s Chicken Bowl, which is worth P185.00 but can feed 2 to 3 people. The chicken was drizzled with delicious spicy sauce and put on top of a heap of rice. It also comes with potatoes and tomatoes that were very filling.

Another thing that I liked was the service. I saw only 5 people working as the service crew… and that included their manager who was also very busy running from one table to another serving food. They were cheerful and attentive even when they seemed a bit tired from the unending stream of customers lining up.

If you’re looking for a restaurant in Baguio City that’s unique with a good value for money, this is definitely it.

Image caption: Even at 9:00 PM, the diner was still full of people with some even waiting in line for their turn.

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