While getting the various opinions of friends and colleagues for their top places to go to at night in Cebu, there was a distinct difference when asking for male opinion and getting answers from ladies. So this list would probably cover both genders and at the same time, be worth trying out for those who have not been to some of the places that would be suggested here. After all, there are always times when the first time would not give you a good experience, but when you go the next time, there just might be something unforgettable and would stand out so you’d want to go back again.

Other places best at night time

Place #1: TOPS

This is probably the most common place to think of when you’re in Cebu and it’s nighttime. After all, the view from this place is more than awesome…it’s worth the trip. Visitors, both local and tourists, need to take time to include Tops in their itinerary. Great view, no matter what time of the day, but then again, at night, the view of the city of Cebu is simply breathtaking.

Place #2: Mango Avenue

Probably considered as one of the most known streets in Cebu, and now, as one of the most ‘alive’ areas as well. It boasts of offering almost anything that would be considered as the ‘nightlife’ of Cebu. The short strip from former Rustans to the corner where National Bookstore is has bars, a comedy bar, karaoke places, and food strips. All ages and walks of life would also be present.

Place #3: Dolce Cafe Belle Fleur

This café may be thought of as just any run-n-the-mill coffee shop that about Cebu these days, but because of its location, a nice array of foods, and the view that you can’t just get anywhere are the reasons why this is a must-visit.

Place #4: IT Park

Boasting of having the most number of BPO companies present in one place, IT Park offers more than just a good IT location. Probably because it has the most number of BPOs and is open 24/7, several coffee shops, restaurants, and fast-food abound the place. What’s more, Cebuanos are becoming as health conscious, so you’ll see several joggers, no matter the time of day.

Place #5: 22nd Street

While this is located at Mango Avenue, this is going to be singled out simply because there are those who would be curious to try it out, and there are also those a good laugh on a good night. Then again, you should be warned…not everyone can stand gay jokes and might find it uncouth.

So, there’s the list. Try it out one of these nights. You just might find something that suits your fancy and would be your favorite hang-out.

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