Many people are into coffee these days that you would not wonder anymore why so many Café this and Café that are sprouting all over the metropolis, especially in Cebu. Not to mention that most of these cafes are Korean-owned, hence the distinctive and quite unique ambiance that many are patronizing. For those who are looking for a different take on coffee, here are our top 5 alternatives to coffee that we recommend:

  1. Tea  – yet another common ‘thing’ that you see anywhere these days. Whether they’re offered in the same café or in small stalls, many people are becoming addicted to tea, especially milk tea. While there are certain teas that still have caffeine, the type of health benefits you get out of drinking tea is very advantageous. Just imagine other Asians drinking tea, Japanese, Koreans, Chinese…do you see how good the skin of our Asian counterparts look?
  2. Apple – you don’t have to look far and wide, apples are everywhere, with several varieties. So many fruits are actually available to your choosing, but many have always praised the health benefits of the apple. Definitely a very good alternative to caffeine plus you have many ways of preparing it: on a salad, as fruit salad, as juice, or just plain eating it.
  3. Smoothies – a good thing to know is that so many online shops are selling this gadget that does smoothies. Because there are so many health-freaks that are popping up, what with several joggers at IT Park and tea enthusiasts, smoothies is yet another drink that is being pushed and promoted by many. So now, you can be able to make your own smoothie as well as buy one when you go malling. What’s more, some of these smoothie-makers are portable, gym enthusiasts easily bring their smoothie and drink them on the go. Certainly, a better alternative to coffee.
  4. Wheat grass drink – have you seen ads upon ads of Diane Castillejo drinking this green concoction? That’s wheat grass drink that she is endorsing. Definitely one of the best alternatives to coffee because it keeps you alive, alert, awake and definitely enthusiastic. Not quite so with your pocket though, but if you are looking at getting healthier and getting slimmer, this is a good choice.
  5. Ginseng tea – if you take time to listen to some radio commercials, you will hear quite a few of those supplement that help in enhancing our body. One such active ingredient in many of these vitamins/supplement is ginseng. This product is quite the ‘super’ product in many ways. Now, prepared as tea, ginseng certainly tastes more delicious and more appetizing.

As always, you are the better judge in knowing which among these suggestions would suit you best. What may work for someone else, may not work for you. As they say, ‘different strokes for different folks’, so try any of our suggestions and you just might be surprised to find a better alternative to coffee.

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