We are looking for anyone who is willing to share his or her own personal experience on a Philippine-based product or service.  If you are interested, read all the items below.

Before anything else, be sure to read our published review articles. This will give you an idea of how you should write your own and avoid rejections

Five (5) cool things to remember at all times

  • Watch your grammar. If you are not confident with your English, do it in Tagalog or TagLish. We are Okay with that
  • Be very specific. For example, if you are reviewing a carnival, review the Ferries Wheel Ride, not the entire amusement park
  • Only positive reviews. The world is already full of negativity, let us not add one more
  • Be honest. Yes, we can tell if you are just making up a story
  • Between 300 and 350 words only. Nobody reads a lengthy review anyway.  Articles below 300 or beyond 350 words will be rejected automatically

Frequently asked questions:

  • Where’s the product I’m going to review? I can’t find it in your website –ANS– There is none. What you need to do is to write a review of a product or service you have tried or availed in the past
  • What sort of stuff can I review? –ANS– Anything, as long as it’s not too common (e.g. Colgate, shampoo, etc.) and is available here in the Philippines
  • Why was my review article not accepted? –ANS– Several reasons: 1.) The product is too common nobody is searching for it 2.) Full of errors, grammar mistakes and whatnot 3.) It’s a narrative not a review or opinion
  • Can I send unlimited reviews? –ANS– Yes, you can but please remember that we usually stop publishing articles once our budget is reached, and will resume again after all dues are settled
  • Why was my article drafted back to me? –ANS– We are giving you the second chance to revise the content because it didn’t meet our publishing guidelines
  • How will I know my balance? –ANS– We will send you an email update each time your review gets accepted
Step 1
If you’re interested to join, click here to login.  



Step 2 (Optional)

To change your pen name go to ‘Edit My Profile’.


Step 3
Click the New > Post to submit your review article.


Step 4
Once you’re done, don’t forget to click the Submit for Review button. This will serve as your test article. If it’s published, it means you’re officially in. All test articles that were published will be paid


Payout Options
  • Current buying rate: Php 50.00 (300 – 350 words)
  • Minimum balance to receive payment
    • We pay every 5th and 20th of the month if your balance reaches Php 300.00. All payments will be made through M. Lhuiller Kwarta Padala, RD Padala, Cebuana Padala, Palawan, etc. 
    • Sorry, we no longer send payments via bank accounts for now. Why? Because it takes so much time to go there and queue

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Good evening Mac,

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Hi there! 🙂 For clarifications only.

1. Where to see how much earnings do I have all in all?
2. Also, what’s the process for pay outs?

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hello I made my own review a little while ago but I am having problems attaching my photo of the products. As a result I submitted my test review without an image. Can I still get chances to be accepted without an image? I tried to upload image a lot of times but it still receives error.


is it ok to copy paste the article or should i make my own wordings?


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