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Published on July 15th, 2015 | by Alma dela cruz


Vivere Salon Ayala Fairview Terreces Branch Review

It’s been a while since I had a haircut, so  yesterday I decided to visit the mall. I look for each salon’s price offerings and finally I chose Vivere Salon as I find their prices reasonable.

I spoke to the lady in the counter who is polite and friendly. Before making a recommendation, she first checked the condition of my hair and recommended a haircut to remove the dry ends and the hair color freeze service so that the brown color would cover the newly grown hair and for the entire hair color to have that evenly spread brown color.

While waiting for the hairdresser, I find the sitting area very comforting. It has a lot of magazines so that customers could read the latest fashion (and of course the juiciest gossips in showbiz) and for people to avoid being irritated while waiting. The receptionist also offered a house-blended iced tea (a first for a salon to offer in my experience) which surprised me because the free drink is a special kind of tea. It’s very tasty and it exceeded my expectation since most of the time, free drinks are not usually given in salons.

After I finished my drink I was called by the assistant hairdresser to sit so that he could start washing my hair. I was a bit surprised when their assistant is a guy, but after a while I realized why it has to be a guy when usually, female assistants are hired for the position. After my refreshing hair wash and shampoo, the assistant made me sit again and applied the hair color freeze mixture in my hair. While waiting, the assistant massaged my shoulders and back (the reason why they hire guys). Its also a first that I encountered a free back massage for availing a hair treatment offering so I was very happy with how they treat their customers.

After washing and blow drying my hair, the assistant called the senior stylist. She is very professional and I can see that she has light hands. I’m satisfied with the outcome of my haircut and the treatment I availed, the color is really even from top to end and my hair became shiny. The haircut and treatment not only fixed my hair color, it also rejuvenated my dry hair. And I was also privileged to get their value adding services such as free drink and back massage, which not all salons in the metro offer their customers.

When I went back home, my mother scrutinized my hair and said that the color is really even and my hair is properly cut! Vivere not only offer premium services to customers but they also hire professional hair dressers to ensure that hair is cut beautifully.

Also, the setup of the salon is very trendy – the interior design of the salon can be seen in magazines I read. They used black and white paint to give that vibrant, edgy, professional salon vibe. I would definitely recommend everyone to visit Vivere Salon in Ayala Fairview Terreces and you will experience salon services at its best!

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You will need a visa if you stay long like more than three months. Also if you are conmig here for leisure, it is technically illegal to work. If you do want to work then you will need to get a work visa but that can be messy because you will need to find the job first before the visa. I think you can find some salons that pay cash.

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