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Published on May 12th, 2017 | by Mai


UNI Keratin Hair Treatment Review: A Steal!

I’m always on the lookout to finding cheap quality products. Since, I regularly use a hair conditioner, this has taken a toll in my budget so I decided to find a much cheaper product.

I stumbled upon UNI Keratin Hair Reborn Treatment while doing my grocery at Super 8 supermarket. It caught my attention because of its packaging and the price. At first, I was hesitant to purchase because I’m not familiar with the brand and knew no one who’s using it. That instantly got me to make a research on the internet using my phone.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a single reliable review. So, I just had to trust my instinct and decided to buy half a dozen (6 pcs) just because Super 8 doesn’t sell them individually. Well for Php36 for 6 sachets seemed cheap enough. I just thought that I just have to give it a try and if not effective then Php36 wouldn’t hurt me.

Turned out, this product surpasses my expectations. Since it is a hair treatment, the effectiveness is way beyond than that of the regular hair conditioner. The following are the very reasons why I love using UNI Keratin and decided to finally replace my old hair conditioner:

  1. Makes my hair soft and smooth. The product contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Jojoba oils which makes hair soft and smooth. Since it is a hair treatment, I feel like I’m getting the most out of it. It actually boasts as a DIY Brazilian blowout which, surprisingly is true!
  2.  Fragrant smell. This one has a smell anyone would really love. The smell stays in my hair all throughout the day.
  3.  Soothing. I really like the cooling effect like comparable to that of a menthol anti-dandruff shampoo. Literal na nakakalamig ng ulo
  4.  Cheap. This is winner! Imagine Php36 for 6 sachets with 1 sachet good for 3 usage kasi madami sya, promise! Ang laking tipid ko sa hair treatment na to.

I highly recommend this product and I vouch how cheap yet effective it is. This is really a STEAL!

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Hello, ano po hanap nyo dito?


How do you use it? Can it be used on a daily basis or just once a week? A friend told me just to use it once a week eh.


Pwede siyang maintenance ng rebonded hair?


I am a user of this product as well since I tried coloring and bleaching my hair. It really helps a lot to make sure that my hair is still beautiful after doing the said treatments. BRAVO to this product!!!


It’s only Php 30.85 per 6 pcs here at emilu’s mart – binakayan kawit cavite branch 🙂 this product is really good for the hair … your review is true. tried & tested,


I agree with you. I bought 2 dozens of UNI Keratin and I used it daily and my hair becomes more healthier, soft and smooth. Since I have a thick hair I used 1 sachet every shower.

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