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Twins Lampein Baby Diaper Review

Disposable diapers are one of the things a mother with a baby cannot live without these days. In as much as we want our babies to have the soft, airy comfort of a traditional (read: dry and unsoiled for a few minutes) cloth diaper, not all of us has the luxury of staying with our babies and replace the nappies every time it is soiled and/or wet. As a new mom, I want the best diaper for my baby that gives real bang for my buck, and in my trial and error way I am glad to have used Twins Lampein Baby Diapers.

I have tried other diaper brands-and found out that those which really keep my baby dry and comfy for a longer time also costs more. Not Twins Lampein Baby Diaper though. I was surprised; some other popular brands could not even hold a candle to this product.

Priced at around five pesos a piece, it rivals other brands that cost nine pesos each. Plus, its size small diaper can also fit newborns- my little boy just being three kilos, and it suits him just fine. No leaks when properly fit, no irritation, just pure absorbent power at a low, low price.

I must say I am thankful to have seen a colleague of mine lug around a big pack of Lampein during her hospital stay after giving birth and coincided with my confinement too- my curiosity towards Lampein began then and there, leading to a discovery of a good product.

It is also Filipino-made, but performs at par with imported ones. Maybe the only downside of this diaper is that it is kind of thick, and it gets thicker as it is filled with urine, making your baby heavier than usual. But even so, baby’s skin stays dry for a long time, even beyond overnight (though it is best to change it immediately in the morning).

My verdict: quality, check; performance, check; price, absolutely check; making Filipinos world-competent, check. Try Twins Lampein Baby Diapers for your babies.

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Hello, ano hanap mo dito?


Me too!!! I love Twins Lampein!! My baby loves it too ☺️ Akala ko ako lang ang nakapansin ng quality nya. Hiyang sya ni baby. My in-laws gave it to me para matry and nung una hesitant pa ako kasi I only wanted the best brands for my baby pero mas maganda pa pala sya kaysa sa mga top brands. Although plastic talaga kasi yung outer cover nya, hindi nagiging iritable si baby. Sana lang mag improve pa yung design nya kasi nalabas sa onesie nya yung plastic part sa legs. But all in all super two thums up ako sa diaper na to. Must try to ng mga mommies na wise sa budget ❤️

Susie Tan
Susie Tan

Miss VANESSA WALA naman aksi perfect na diaper lahat nag leak lahat basa ang genital and pwet ng mga babies natin. The trict is change their diaper as often para maiwasan infection and rashes. Kahit pinakamahal na diaper isnt perfect. Just saying!


I am in USA, I need a email address contact so I can order the plastic XXL diapers

Tina Zhao
Tina Zhao

Hi ,

​​Nice day. I am Tina.

Our ultra absorbent, eco-friendly diapers — made with naturally derived, plant-based & sustainable materials — are extra soft, hypoallergenic,
free of chlorine processing and additives (like fragrances, lotions, and latex).
Totally Chlorine-Free (TCF) Wood Pulp, Absorbent Bio-Core, Plant-Based PLA (Inner & Outer Layers), Non-Toxic Adhesives.

Best Regards,



Sure it is, Tina. But THAT doesn’t mean this nappy is effective, highly absorbent, and keeps the baby’s bum dry at all times. I don’t mean to be rude but I hate it when new mums are being deceived by false advertisements. Do not be misled dear mothers.

Josie Racaza


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