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Published on March 29th, 2013 | by Mac


Sun Broadband Pocket WIFI MF-51 Review

Sun Broadband Pocket WIFI is a nifty device for sharing your internet connection via Wireless Fidelity (WIFI). I’ve been eyeing to buy this gadget since day one but why shell out cash when I can have it for free from Sun Cellular. So I had one last week as part of their loyalty program a.k.a. Sun Perks. The device is Sun-locked and comes with a 24-month contract, which I care less because I’ve been a postpaid subscriber for many years now.

I got a new and shiny Huawei LTE Mobile WIFI E5372. Click here to read my review.

There’s a rumor in the forums that Pocket WIFIs are supposed to boost the signal and speed strength. In my opinion, this isn’t quite accurate at all. While MF-51 offers up to 72 14.4 Mbps of speed,  it’s still very much a network-dependent device which means your ISP, Sun Broadband in my case, controls the overall performance of your connection. Luckily, I live in Talisay City, Cebu where connection problems rarely occur compared to other areas in Cebu City where persistent disconnection and extremely slow downloads are beyond a joke.

There are basically two modes you can use to acquire a connection from the Pocket WIFI – cable and wireless. Laptops can take advantage of both but since I’m using a desktop PC that doesn’t have a wireless dongle, I only use the  USB-provided cable for that, which is efficient and ingenious because it charges the device while I’m using it.

When I’m out and about, I just turn on my phone’s WIFI and connects to the Pocket WIFI device in seconds. If I’m not mistaken, the device can last up to 4-5 hours before recharge for a one (1) device at a time usage. I can only assume the battery would drain much faster if two or more devices use it at the same time.

Overall, I’m a very satisfied user because it works out of the box! However, if you’re not keen on setting up gadgets, you would want to ask help from their Help Desk Agents to do that on your behalf.  The first time I use it, the gadget only sees an EDGE connection instead of the usual HSDPA, so tweaking the settings is required via its browser-based interface.

How to password-protect your WIFI?

If you need to put password to your WIFI, so that only those legit may use it, you need to go to its  Settings Page by accessing it through http://ufi.home/ via your web browser. Once you’re in, simply go to the Settings >> WIFI Settings >> Security.

sun broadband dashboard

How to reset the device in case you forgot the password?

Press WPS and Power buttons simultaneously, and hold on about three seconds until all LEDs are off, then release the buttons, the device will restart automatically and restore to the factory default settings. The default login password is: admin.

Update: (06/12/2013): I’m experiencing configuration resets lately. I can’t explain why it’s happening and don’t honestly think it’s a battery/power issue. I’ve set the device to use only HSDPA since day one and suddenly reverted to Edge connection without any warnings minutes ago. Unlike the USB plug-its, you don’t get visual cues (LED light changes color) if Edge is being used. By the way, the green LED indicator turns blue whenever Edge connection is active.

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302 Responses to Sun Broadband Pocket WIFI MF-51 Review

  1. jhondel pangilinan says:

    bakit po kahit i reset nanamin kahit naka on hindi po sya lumalabas sa wifi list sa device ko
    hindi po sya visible sa lahat ng gadgets namin pa help naman po..

  2. jhondel pangilinan says:

    bakit po kahit nireset nanamin yung wifi ayaw parin lumabas sa wifi list ng devices namin..naka on nmn po sya pero hindi talaga ma search yung wifi namin. pahelp naman po

    • webbline says:

      Ngayon lang ba ngyari to o right from the very start ayaw makita yung WIFI name? Sa configuration ng pocket wifi mo, try to find ‘Broadcast SSID’ or similar phrase. Ibig sabihin nyan, pag naka enabled sya, the WIFI name will be broadcasted; hence, all the surrounding gadgets (e.g. phones, tablets, pc, etc.) will see it. Pag naka disabled sya, it’s the opposite, di makikita and you have to type it manually.

  3. camille says:

    Hi ! can you help me with my device? because whenever we connect to the pocket wifi, specifically in our laptop, we can access google but when we log in to gmail it shows page not available, even yahoo, facebook, twitter, etc. we can’t open it its as if our connection has been activated and yet still have no internet access

    • webbline says:

      Hello Camille and thanks for reaching out. This is a common problem especially when you’re roaming – that is, you have a Sun Broadband SIM and the gadget connects to the Smart Network.

      It should be temporary and would go away; however, if this is a persistent case, you may want to bring the gadget back to the business center and have the people there configure/test it for you.

      For troubleshooting purposes, use the supplied cable to connect to the gadget. (e.g. Laptop > supplied cable wire> Pocket WIFI). See if it allows you through. Also, make sure you’re using HSDPA / 3G and not 2G. If it’s 2G, then you won’t be able to use it.

      If you’re using the same exact model I’m reviewing on this page, you need to login to the dashboard to see the connection signal being used.

  4. Lian says:

    Pano po malalaman pag nag exceed na yung 1.5 gb na free sa open access surfing naka plan po kasi kami 699 ?

  5. roan says:

    hi po,I’m using a plan pocket wifi for sun,naka plan 250 lng po sya and dko naman madalas magamt pero lumaki po gang 1060 un bill ko..nag ask ako kung pde na pa cut un plan tas transfer nlng ako sa prepaid..sabi nla la na daw available na sim kaya di uubra pacut..
    ask ko lng po possible po bang pde kong maglagay ng regular sun sim tas tanggaln un sim na nasa pocket wifi tas magload nlng po ako ng sarili ko para po wala akong bill na iisipin monthly..

    • webbline says:

      Yup, pwede yan. Buy your own prepaid SIM para ma control mo yung usage mo. About sa bill mo, try mo inquire sa Sun about the Anti-Shock Bill and have it activated.

      By the way, if your postpaid account is still within the contract period, you still have to pay that even if you’re not using it.

  6. rex says:

    ask q lng po bagong bili po ung SUN POCKET WIFI kaso gusto qng maglagay o palitan password pano po gawin at anong site po pra mapalitan ang pass tnx

    • webbline says:

      Hello Rex and thanks for reaching out. There is no external website needed to change the gadget’s password. Read the manual and find the IP address of the gadget. You need to type this IP address in your browser to access its dashboard. Inside the dashboard, there should be a menu which will allow you to do that.

  7. Marc says:

    Ayaw po magBlink nung Network. Pahelp naman po.

  8. hannah says:

    hi po…ask ko lang….bakit hindo po ako maka connect ng internet service. the signal logo is not blinking..the error is ” NETWORK DISCONNECTED. SIGN IN AGAIN”

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