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Sun Broadband Pocket WIFI MF-51 Review

Sun Broadband Pocket WIFI is a nifty device for sharing your internet connection via Wireless Fidelity (WIFI). I’ve been eyeing to buy this gadget since day one but why shell out cash when I can have it for free from Sun Cellular. So I had one last week as part of their loyalty program a.k.a. Sun Perks. The device is Sun-locked and comes with a 24-month contract, which I care less because I’ve been a postpaid subscriber for many years now.

There’s a rumor in the forums that Pocket WIFIs are supposed to boost the signal and speed strength. In my opinion, this isn’t quite accurate at all. While MF-51 offers up to 72 14.4 Mbps of speed,  it’s still very much a network-dependent device which means your ISP, Sun Broadband in my case, controls the overall performance of your connection. Luckily, I live in Talisay City, Cebu where connection problems rarely occur compared to other areas in Cebu City where persistent disconnection and extremely slow downloads are beyond a joke.

There are basically two modes you can use to acquire a connection from the Pocket WIFI – cable and wireless. Laptops can take advantage of both but since I’m using a desktop PC that doesn’t have a wireless dongle, I only use the  USB-provided cable for that, which is efficient and ingenious because it charges the device while I’m using it.

When I’m out and about, I just turn on my phone’s WIFI and connects to the Pocket WIFI device in seconds. If I’m not mistaken, the device can last up to 4-5 hours before recharge for a one (1) device at a time usage. I can only assume the battery would drain much faster if two or more devices use it at the same time.

Overall, I’m a very satisfied user because it works out of the box! However, if you’re not keen on setting up gadgets, you would want to ask help from their Help Desk Agents to do that on your behalf.  The first time I use it, the gadget only sees an EDGE connection instead of the usual HSDPA, so tweaking the settings is required via its browser-based interface.

How to password-protect your WIFI?

If you need to put password to your WIFI, so that only those legit may use it, you need to go to its  Settings Page by accessing it through http://ufi.home/ via your web browser. Once you’re in, simply go to the Settings >> WIFI Settings >> Security.

sun broadband mf51 review

How to reset the device in case you forgot the password?

Press WPS and Power buttons simultaneously, and hold on about three seconds until all LEDs are off, then release the buttons, the device will restart automatically and restore to the factory default settings. The default login password is: admin.

Update: (06/12/2013): I’m experiencing configuration resets lately. I can’t explain why it’s happening and don’t honestly think it’s a battery/power issue. I’ve set the device to use only HSDPA since day one and suddenly reverted to Edge connection without any warnings minutes ago. Unlike the USB plug-its, you don’t get visual cues (LED light changes color) if Edge is being used. By the way, the green LED indicator turns blue whenever Edge connection is active.

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  • Jella Taguiam

    Hi,ask ko lang po kung pano malalaman kung full charge na ang pocket wifi,nabasa ko s thread na sabi mo kailngan magstop n sa pagbiblink un green light…,sa pocket wifi ko pag sinaksak mo yellow lang sia and d nagbblink,..and if may idea ka kun mga ilang hiurs normally napupuno ang bat nito

    • Mac

      Hello Jella, thanks for dropping by.

      Ang pocket wifi MF51 model is meron 3 LED lights. The rightmost is sa battery level, yung middle is the WIFI indicator, then ang leftmost led is for the 3G activity indicator.

      Pag charging ang unit, yung rightmost LED will keep blinking in green color, pag full charged na sya, green din ang color but it will stay lit na. Pag lowbat naman, blinking red yung status nya. I’m not sure but I think the unit will need at least 3 hours para ma full charge sya. Syempre if it’s charging and you’re using it, it will take more than that.

      If you’re always on the go, I’d suggest bili ka nung CDRKING na powerbank para meron kang backup power.

      • Anonymous

        Hi. . Ka bibili q lang ng pocket wifi sa sun pro nka plan xa ang bagal ng connection tpos nawawala pa. . Pag nmn nka charge hndi nag blink ung battery pero pag pinatay chka nag bblink ung battery. . May sira kaya ung modem pag gnun?. . Tnx

        • vanie

          Hi! kakakuha ko lang din ng pocket wifi sa sun. Same din sakin, di ko alam kung full charged na sya kasi stay lang na on yun light ng sa battery pag nakacharge.

          • http://www.webbline.com/ Mac

            Pag full charge na yung battery, the LED battery indicator will stop blinking na. Pag low bat naman, it will turn red.

  • queenofklutz

    Hi! How will I know if my sun broadband plan has been activated? The wifi led is solid blue but the the signal bars are either on red or blinking yellow, and when I try to connect it still wont work. What do I do?


    • Mac

      Hello queenofklutz and thanks for asking.

      Isa lang naman ang signal bar sa MF51 model, yung pinaka leftmost LED light lang. Yung rightmost is for your battery level, tapos yung middle is for your WIFI activity.

      If the leftmost LED remains blue, then it’s using 2G signal, which is super bagal. Granted na meron 3G signal sa location mo, you need to edit the configuration. Please refer back to the article kung papaano. If you’re not the techy person, mas ok siguro na you’ll bring back the unit dun sa The Sun Center para sila na mag configure for you.

  • erwin

    sir ask ko lang paano magkaroon ng password yung pocket wi-fi ko kabibili ko lang nito naka open to the public kasi gusto kong lagyan ng password. tnx

    • Mac

      If you’re referring sa model na to, simply follow the instructions below.

      If you’d like to change your login password, go to Advanced > Management
      If you’d like to change your WIFI password, go to Wi-Fi Settings > Security

  • Nhice

    Ask ko lang if bakit nagbblue ung led sa right?

  • akiro

    question bakit di lumalabas un dashboard ng sun wifi pocket ko sa windows para makita ko un configuration nia pag click ko sa icon(sun) sa task bar ko me windows na nag open ufi home sun humihingi cia ng password to log in wla sa instruction to buti pa nong gamit ko un plug in play diretso connect tska bwisit na sun yan nag palit ako ng broadband kaplit tong wifi broadband na to pag check ko dynamic ip address same ip address parin lumalabas kapareho ng luma ko broaband stick smantalang magkaiba na ang sim card pati number which means lintek na sun yan nagdidistribute sila ng pare parehong ip address naka shared ang isang ip add sa maraming user although mnakasecured thru password un mga network d2 sa pinas tinatarantado ang mga subscriber super mahal at pinakamabagal compare sa mga neighbor countries natin sa asia ……..anyways could u please answer my issue ano ba itong log in na to hindi nman accepted un wifi password ko ano b talaga to un customer service nilan ang tagal sumagot kc thanks in advanced

    • Mac

      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the configuration. To access the configuration, you need to go to your browser and type http://ufi.home/ but first, you need to make sure na naka-konek yung pc/laptop mo sa pocket wifi using the provided cable. Yung default na login is lowercase ‘admin.’

      With regard sa IP address, please note that we are one huge WIFI, meaning you will not see the external IP address using the ipconfig /all command, which means our ip addresses are dynamic and starts with 192.168.x.x. If you want to know the external IP address, punta ka sa http://www.whatismyipaddress.com. Sakto yung observation mo, we are using a shared connection, that’s why our connections are very slow.

      I hope I was able to answer your questions. Keep you cool man.

  • mark

    Goodmorning po pwede po bang ako lang mismo yung magbago nung password ng wifi ko at yubg name ??? Thankyou

    • http://www.webbline.com/ Mac

      Yup, pwede mong bagohin yung WIFI password at WIFI name. See images below.

  • mark

    Sir tanung po ulit, mabilis po kasi malowbat yung battery nung pocket wifi ko kakabili ko lang po kahapon ehh MF65 po sya. Panu po ba malalaman pag full charge na yung batt ??

    • http://www.webbline.com/ Mac

      Hello Mark, same lang naman yung battery sa MF65 at MF51, 1500mAH. I can’t speak for MF65 but yung akin (MF51), the battery will last approx 3-4 hrs before recharging.

      • mark

        Ahh. Sige po thankyou Godbless :)

        • http://www.webbline.com/ Mac

          No problem. Happy to help you.

  • jek

    Bakit po di ako nakaka access sa internet? nagloloading lang po siya pero sobrang tagal. dati naman akong nakaka net at mabilis naman

    • http://www.webbline.com/ Mac

      Yan din ang problema ko Jek for the past 2 months now. Meron mga sites na ayaw mag load, meron naman OK mag load. Just for testing purposes, have you tried using http://www.kproxy.com. For example, ayaw mag load ng facebook, punta ka sa kproxy.com, lagay mo ang facebook. Pag na load, that means meron talagang existing problema ang Sun Broadlband.

  • Aleth

    Pwede ba ko maglagay ng password sa pocket wifi using ipad mini..thankyou

    • http://www.webbline.com/ Mac

      You mean, you will set the WIFI password via iPad mini? Yup, pwede, as long as you have access sa configuration nya which means you are already connected to the WIFI itself. You can’t set the password if you’re not connected to it.

      • Aleth

        Yes connected ako,please tell me kung pano ko gagawin..thankyou..Godbless:)

        • Aleth

          Dati my password pocket wifi ko,then napakialaman ng pamangkin ko,then nanotice ko wala n sya password,so how can i put another password using my ipad?thankyou

          • http://www.webbline.com/ Mac

            Madali lang naman. Just follow the image below.

  • Jhane Reyes

    bakit po pag icoconect namin un laptopo at cp s wifipocket ng sun namin ayaw n mg internet access pero pg wla nkaconect active un wifi ng bliblink un pocket wifi namin sun ZTe MF65 ilan buwan nanmin gamit tapos eto last 2weks bgla nwawala n conections minsan meron pero pg iconect namin khit ano device mgstop n minsan lng naminmgamit ngaun pinakamatagal n un 1 -2 hours lng mgamit,

    • http://www.webbline.com/ Mac

      Hello Jhane! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your ZTE MF65. Hindi po eto ang device ko, so I can’t really offer a much detailed help but as always, the best way to troubleshoot a WIFI device is to use the provided cable.

      Connect the cable to your laptop, tapos access mo yung dashboard. I believe its http://m.home or tapos “admin” (no quotation marks) yung default password. While you’re at it, check mo yung SIM card if available ba, yung WAN connection settings at APN settings.

      Assuming na yung ISP mo ang problematic, try bringing your pocket WIFI to a different location or better yet if you’re postpaid, speak to your customer service para ma check nila ang status ng account mo.

  • Lei

    sir, pano po pag pinindot ko yung on/off sa mobile connection sa settings? may additional charges ba yun? bigla kasi akong nawalan ng connection pero when i turn it on, ok na ulit sya. thanks in advance

    • http://www.webbline.com/ Mac

      Sorry Lei medyo di ko gets yung tanong mo. Paki explain lang ulit. Salamat :)

      • Lei

        2 days ago, bigla na lang kami nawalan ng connection. nag-try ako tumawag sa customer service ng sun pero wala. kanina, tiningnan ko yung settings ng pocket wifi (sun broadband postpaid). tiningnan ko po sa settings–>dial-up–>mobile connection then nakita ko po yung mobile network naka off eh wala naman po nagbubukas samin ng account sa sun. pinindot ko po yung “turn on” then ayun po gumana na ulit. hindi ko naman sure baka mamaya lumaki yung bayarin namin dahil dun. thanks po

        • http://www.webbline.com/ Mac

          Ahh ok, I got it na — big thanks sa picture. Iba pala yung unit natin, sa akin, Connect and Disconnect ang naka lagay instead sa On and Off. It also happened sa gadget ko , in fact, minsan, bigla nalang na e-erase ang settings. I suspect na kapag na drain totally yung battery, nakakalimutan nya lahat.

          In your case, pwede rin na baka walang naka konek na gadget sa unit mo for a specified number of minutes kaya yun, nag disconnect sya automatically para di maubos yung load which is very useful pag naka prepaid ka.

      • Lei

        ito po :)

  • christ

    gud pm my tanong po ako regarding sun pocket wifi kpag d ako ngtuloy tuloy s monthly bill ko mpu2tol nrn ba ang line ko pra s sun wifi?

    • http://www.webbline.com/ Mac

      Yup, Sun will disconnect your postpaid account just before the arrival of the 3rd bill or pag nag exceed ka na sa Credit Limit mo, whichever comes first.

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