Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School – SPED
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Carlos P. Garcia Avenue, Tagbilaran City, Bohol
(038) 411 3451
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Bohol National High School
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The Bohol Provincial School is the first Secondary School in the Province of Bohol. It is strategically in the school belt in the capital City of Tagbilaran, along CPG Avenue. Its buildings and officers are spread on the area of 21,674 square meters.
The school was founded in 1905. the first teachers were the American called the Thomasite, and one Filipino Teacher, Dr. Cecilio Putong, who later became the Secretary of Education in the Philippines.
The school had a very slow start. The early teachers suffered from the apathy of some students and more people in the community that built a wall between them. However, the teachers’ patience and commitment to the service of the youth gradually broke down the barriers. It produced its first of 22 graduates – 20 males and 12 females in 1918. since its birth, several hundreds of students have hurdled the challenges of high school life and became successful in their chosen field of endeavors.
During World War II, the school was hit and destroyed by a bomb released by the Japanese Forces. This sad incident led to the school’s rehabilitation with the aid of the people of the United States of America under the Philippine rehabilitation Act of 1946.
Through the efforts of the members of the Bohol Provincial Board and the prominent Boholano Politicians who were alumni of the school, Bohol National High School was nationalized in 1977 under Presidential Decree 1050.
The scholl had undergone changes of names from Bohol High School, Bohol Provincial High School to Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School under RA 8016 without public hearing or public consultation with the Boholanos.
Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School gains an increase of the students population with the enactment of Republic Act 6655 otherwise known as the Free Secondary Education Act of 1988. More and more students flock to the school just to enroll every year.
Because of the consistent and sincere commitment of the school in education the youth, it was chosen by the high officials in the Religion Office as the Division Leader Scholl effective SY 1992-1993. as such, it is the pilot school for institutionalizing new thrust, project and program of the agency. It is also awarded the “Most Effective Public Secondary Scholl (Old Category) in Central Visayas for the school year 2001-2002. it is given the honor because the school has not only maintained and improved its services, but also it has expanded its access to basic education to out-of-school adults, prison inmates and unemployed mothers. It further adopts and implements innovation to enhance the quality and relevance of basic education. See MoreSee Less

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