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Pag-asa Pawnshop (Pardo Branch)

Pag-asa Pawnshop (Pardo Branch)
Address: Pardo, Cebu City
Phone: (32) 416 3880
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Accepts jewelries, watches, cellphones, digicams, high-end cameras, ipads, laptops and other gadgets, TV, aircons, power tools, etc.

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Other Details
Cherry Mobile, MyPhone, O+ Not accepted (mobile phones, tablets)
:: Blackberry Z10 2,500.00 (est); bring along the accessories
:: Casio Baby G 1,000 (est); Accepted depending on its appearance; scratches will reduce loanable amount
:: HP Pavilion Laptop Touch Screen Not accepted due to damage susceptibility during storage
:: Lenovo S100 Not accepted
:: Nokia Asha 500 700.00 (est)
:: iPhone 4 3,000.00 (est); original charger, open line, 16GB
:: iPhone 4S 3,500.00 (est); disconnect iCloud account or provide password; bring charger (original)
:: iPhone 5S 9,500.00 (est); disconnect iCloud account or provide password; bring charger (original)
:: iPad 2 16GB 5,000.00 (est); bring charger
:: iPad Mini (with SIM) 16GB 6,500.00 (est); disconnect iCloud account or provide password; bring charger (original)
:: Samsung Corby 2 700.00 (est); bring charger
:: Samsung Galaxy Ace 1,000.00 (est); bring charger, mem card
:: Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 3,000.00 (est); bring memory card, charger
:: Samsung Galaxy Young 800.00 (est); bring charger, mem card
XBox Accepted; the newer version with the wireless controller
DSLR Cameras Accepted; lense only (not accepted)
Magic Sing Karaoke Accepted
Mountain Bikes Accepted
Pocket WIFI Accepted; bring charger
Rice Cooker Depending on their inventory
Rota Aire & Elec Fans 150.00+ (est); bring the item for proper appraisal
Samsung 22″ LED 3,000.00 (est)

  • Hours: Mon – Sat: 8:30am to 6:30pm | Sun: 9:00am to 5:00pm
  • Pag-asa Pawnshop will inspect the item’s quality. This will determine the “loanable” amount. Estimates can change anytime, so call them beforehand
  • Request for additional loan amount at a later time is allowed provided that you won’t exceed the maximum initial appraised value
  • As of today 12 Mar 2015, credit card payment is not yet accepted. Layaway plan or “data-data” available
Info last updated on 2015-09-24 11:06:16

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How much for Nikon D3100? it’s new i won it from the raffle last yr November. slightly use no defect..

and do you accept tripod as well?


Good Day? Just asking if modawat mo ug desktop? ang specs 22″ Samsung LED monitor core i7 3.8ghz 8 core 8gbDDR3 500GBhd GTX630 2GB VCARD. SAMSUNG DVD,


pagkano young sangkla ng ipad mini 16GB wt out sim thanks

darryn alvar cutillar
darryn alvar cutillar

pwede nko mabayaran kron ang nteres sa ako ipad mini air


hi pag-asa im darryn cutillar ask lng k kng pwede ba nko ma byaran ang nteres kron nga adlaw sa ako ipad mini air