Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera
Address: Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro
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  • Ancyronyx Tamaraw, a recently discovered species in the famous Tamaraw Falls, Puerto Galera. The Buhid Spider Water Beetle indicates a healthy ecosystem as it thrives only in clean, pristine running waters of Mindoro (8/8/2013)
  • If you’re running on a tight budget, Riviera Hotel in Puerto Galera is your best bet as sharmainebalagon suggested in her blog. For PhP 800.00, you get two double beds, fully air-conditioned room, cable TV and bathroom. The room could easily fit up to 6 people with 2 extra beds on request (8/2/2013)
  • The richness of marine life drives scuba divers from around the world to Puerto Galera. Here’s to the Wild and Wondrous Fish of Puerto Galera, Philippines (7/10/2013)
  • Top diving sites near Sabang Beach and La Laguna. (5/6/2013)
  • Budget-friendly accommodation starts at PhP 2,500.00 for 6 persons at Mama Ching Lodge and others (4/22/2013)
  • Beyond Galera’s white beaches. Other exhilarating activities you don’t wanna miss (4/21/2013)
  • Non beach front accommodation for as low as PhP 800.00/night. Going to Tamaraw Falls may cost you around PhP 800.00 for the tricycle ride and an additional entrance fee of PhP 30-40 when you get there. Other interesting ideas covered here (4/20/2013)
  • Can you really survive in Puerto Galera for only PhP 1,000.00(4/17/2013)
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3 Responses to Puerto Galera

  1. Jed says:

    Good day! I just wanna ask if you could provide me the contact details of Mama Ching Lodge? Actually, this wont be my first trip in Puerto. We always stay at Mama Ching Lodge whenever we visit this beautiful island. I need to arrange a reservation but unfortunately, i lost their contact details. Thanks! 😀

    • Mac says:

      Hey Jed! I’ve checked our records, and Mama Ching Lodge is not on our list yet, sorry man. But I’ve added Mama Ching on our crawl list and will update this post once we get hold of their contact number.

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