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White Cross Orphanage Children’s Home

White Cross Children’s Home
Address: 276 Santolan Road, San Juan City
Phone: (2) 724 2145
Email: [email protected]
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Opened in 1937 to provide temporary care for indigent children, ages 0 – 6 years old, who are suffering from tuberculosis. Today, the institution is focusing on unwanted children, physically incapacitated parents and children whose parents were victims of rape, incest or in the prison.

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ClassGovernment / NGO operated facility
Rates, fees and other charges
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Facilities and amenities
DonationsYou can help through cash donations, sharing family celebrations (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), sponsoring outings or free transportation, giving White Cross children a treat, providing scholarship to children, sponsoring a child’s care at White Cross, and volunteering
— For things you can donate, go here to see the list: https://goo.gl/AOlAJv
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Open po ba for legal adoption?


I’m clarisse 20years old po good eve po isa po akong single mom na PWD po ako may anak po ako na 2years sia po ay Hindi pa nkaklakad .
Need ku po magtrbho para po mapag aral ku sia at makaipon po ako para sa kinbukasan po ng aking anak ako po ay ulila na sa magulang parehas po ay Wala na .
Humihingi po ako ng tulong na bka po mtulungan nio po ku sa pag aalaga po ng aking Anak kahit po sa panandalian panahon lamang po para po akong makaipon sia po ay Lalaki
Sana po ay mbigyang pansin ang Aking hiling .
Lubos po ako gumagalang…


Can we give clothes for them? my college plans to have an outreach program


pwede po ba na tangapin yung batang nag layas sa bhay nila tas ayaw bumalik nun bata sa bhay nila

sana mabasa nyo to tnx


Any orphanage you know that allow mother to leave thier baby for few months so she can work to afford to get the baby back after 6 to 7 months please do inform me it will be a great help thanks

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