Bahay ni Nanay Capital Sr. Maddalena Starace Inc.

Bahay ni Nanay Capital Sr. Maddalena Starace Inc.
Address: Barangay Sicsican, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Phone: (48) 434 9483
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Website: add website | Facebook | Other orphan care centers in the Philippines

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Meditha Juan

Good Morning po!
Want ko lang po some information about sa bahay ampunan nyo because want ko pong mag bigay ng kahit na konte para sa mga bata like rice manlang po pa deliver ko dyan or how can I send something from Italy po.
konting tulong lang po para sa orphanage at want ko po na maging kontak ko for the future para pag mag vacation po ako pwede akong dumalaw at mag pakain or mag give ng makakaya ko po. thank you po for now.


Calvin Brown
Calvin Brown

I have a great idea that may be very beneficial to certain orphanages that have land. It is:
Income Generating
Vocational for kids age 13-18
Therapeutic for kids 5-13

I would like to know the average number of kids you have at your facility and their age range. I would like to partner with as many as 30 orphanages, but would like to start with the orphanages with largest amount of kids, first.
Thank you in advance,
Calvin Brown