Augustinian Sisters Servants of Jesus and Mary

Augustinian Sisters Servants of Jesus and Mary, Mother Teresa Spinelli’s Treasures
Address: Kabangaan Road, Iruhin West, Tagaytay City, Cavite
Phone: (46) 413 3945
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A facility for the abandoned and neglected children.

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  • To arrange a visit, you may call the facility directly
    Info last updated on 2015-09-30 10:35:43

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    Good day! Do you have email or how can I contact you? So I can ask and clarify things regarding my concern. Thank you!

    ian robiso-floresca
    ian robiso-floresca

    Hi! Good day! We are looking for a charity institution can help, like orphan children. We want to know some details regarding your organization. how can we contact you.. Hope to hear from your office soon. God Bless.

    Andrew Middleton
    Andrew Middleton

    We are northwest outreach that support children with health screaning and medical support. We will have nurses in the area in may this year. We would love to visit your facility to talk about your current needs and how we can help

    Thank you

    Andrew Middleton RN BSN


    We are same gender couple and we want to adopt one year old baby girl and we live outside Philipine..if it is ok what is the process and required documents.