Angel House Orphanage Philippines
Angel House is a home for up to 20 children aged 0-6 years who are abandoned, neglected, abused or orphaned.

San Isidro, Davao Oriental
0919 819 4142
[email protected] | site | fb

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One-year old IV tries to blow bubbles, but hasn’t quite got the technique yet. Isn’t it funny how children of any nationality just love bubbles?
We are expecting another infant to join us this week, so look out for the upcoming post.
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Eight year old KB shares a special moment with one of our many puppies; KB is our oldest child in Angel House and is very protective of his three younger sisters.
Some of our little angels have fever this week and so we hope that they will all recover soon and be happy again!
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RC has settled in really well at Angel House and is now a happy and energetic little boy, but he still has some deep emotional problems to deal with.
Thanks to Joe & Jenn for their monthly donation through Global Giving:
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Hello, ano po hanap nyo dito?

jin pyeon
jin pyeon

Hello from Canada Do you have a facebook account ?. Do you accept momey from foreign country ?