Aloha House Inc.

Aloha House Inc.
Address: Mitra Road, Santa Monica, Puerto Princesa City
Phone: (48) 434 6011
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Owned and operated by Narcy and Archie Mikkelson, Aloha House is an orphan care center for children aged 0-3 years old. The facility also conducts training on sustainable agriculture and sells produce from organic farming.

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  • For visitation, volunteering, donation and adoption, please visit their website by clicking here
    Info last updated on 2015-09-30 10:36:32

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    Calvin Brown
    Calvin Brown

    I have a great idea that may be very beneficial to certain orphanages that have land. It is:
    Income Generating
    Vocational for kids age 13-18
    Therapeutic for kids 5-13

    I would like to know the average number of kids you have at your facility and their age range. I would like to partner with as many as 30 orphanages, but would like to start with the orphanages with largest amount of kids, first.
    Thank you in advance,
    Calvin Brown

    Maleen Seitz
    Maleen Seitz
    Dear Sir or Madam, ma name is MAleen Seitz, 24 from Germany. I studied special education needs (with a specialization at behaviour disorders) and pedagogy. I already graduate and want to do social work abroud. That is the reason why I am here at Manila-Quenzon. I had start an internship. But the organization and the conditions are not good. Especially because I do not something helpfull – and that was the reason why I come over here. I am really disappointed over this project. For this reason I want to look for another one. Would it be able to help… Read more »