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Mabuhaii Nursing Home

Mabuhaii Nursing Home
 6A San Juan Street, Brgy. San Antonio, Molo, Iloilo City
(33) 337 0889
[email protected]
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Mabuhaii Nursing Home is the first and only international nursing home in Iloilo City and is a paradise for nursing-destitute elderly, especially those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. We offer 24-hour intensive and skilled nursing service at affordable rates.

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Assisted Living
Board and lodging without care.
Riao$500 to $950
Mandu$860 to $1,090
Molo$970 to $1,290
Basic Care
Two (2) caregivers per day or three (3) caregivers per week take care of three (3) residents.
Riao$890 to $1,340
Mandu$1,250 to $1,480
Molo$1,360 to $1,680
Standard Care
Two (2) registered nurses per day or four (4) nurses per week take care of two residents in 12-hour shifts. Standard Care includes high quality medical and social care.
Riao$1,290 to $1,740
Mandu$1,650 to $1,880
Molo$1,760 to $2,080
Intensive Care
Two (2) nurses per day or four (4) nurses per week take care of only one single resident in 12-hour shifts.

Four (4) professional nurses are assigned for one single resident per week. Our healthcare team comes in on two (2) alternate shifts per day in a 7-day period taking care for only one resident. Our nurses and caregivers work for 12 hours a day, 3 to 4 days a week, so they can provide their services effectively in their full potential.

The cost of Intensive Care is slightly more than that of Standard Care, but it provides 100% more health care intensity.

Riao$2,090 to $2,540
Mandu$2,450 to $2,680
Molo$2,560 to $2,880
The 24-hour professional care includes: catering, cleaning, laundry and room service house accommodation with high quality European standards massage and a full range of activities with the elderly trips, entertainment, etc.

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Hello, ano po hanap nyo dito?


Just wondering if you are Franchising your business. Am a Fil Am and have been running my own Residential Care Facility for the Elderly in California for 8rs now. Would like to relocate to the Philippines. My email addy is: [email protected]
Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!

Ma Felina Dacumos
Ma Felina Dacumos

HI! Do you accept respite care? The resident is bedridden with NGT.