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Published on January 30th, 2016 | by Apple


Miacare Acne Patch

My combination skin doesn’t usually develop pimples but when it does, it is usually nicely seated on my forehead or worse, on my nose. It makes me feel pretty every time. I think I’ve tried every means of concealing my pimples whenever I’m out. I’ve used all sorts of expensive and cheap concealers, BB creams and even foundations. And oh! I’ve tried band-aid and acted like I had a cut on my face because zits are more embarrassing ya know! Geez!

After acting upon my brilliant ideas, I searched up on Google and Pinterest on how to heal pimples fast. They suggest all these crazy creams and some DIYs from toothpaste to aspirin. The best one yet is applying aspirin over affected areas. I keep it bandaged on my face overnight. I see a significant result the day after. However, if you go to Watsons and ask for aspirin tablets, they’d ask you what it is for. Please don’t answer them with your real intentions. Applying aspirin on your skin is not advisable. I am only writing this if you lack other options.

On a lighter note, another product from Watsons may turn your world upside-down. In a good way! A girl with a huge zit on her nose will do all the craze DIYs found on the internet, only to find herself crying over a bigger acne. So, covering it up while healing it AT THE SAME TIME is nothing but #acnegoals. So, I would like to introduce to you, Miacare. It is, I believe, the only acne patch found in the market here in the Philippines.

The user must first cleanse his/her face properly. Avoid applying oil on or around the affected areas to prevent the patch from sliding off the skin. Like a band-aid, remove the release paper attached from the patch; just half of it, then stick it in the area. Make sure that the center of the patch perfectly covers the eye of a pimple. After that, remove the second release paper. Gently press the patch for about three to five seconds to ensure adhesion and invisibility. The more natural it looks, the better!

The patch helps absorb all the nasty stuff the pimple feeds on. It also helps keep it from getting dirt from your hands and from the environment. You may use this during the day (you can apply makeup over it) and night. But I suggest applying tea tree oil at night or simply letting it out to allow it to breathe. Skin needs air, too.

So there you go! Please share this as many still present their pimples as is. Cleanse and cover up!

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