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MESA Filipino Moderne Review

The “Mesa Filipino Moderne” is a resto where you can enjoy authentic regional cuisines. Trying Filipino cuisines occasionally? This is the right place.

Occasionally, me and my wife likes to eat different Filipino cuisines in different provinces, but because of having a busy schedule, we can’t go out the Metro, so we mostly visit Mesa restaurant in SM Megamall. For more information about their menus, branches and packages, please see the following link:

Being a customer of this restaurant occasionally, I would like to give my own opinion about their services. Firstly, the ambiance is really good, it’s just like you are in a local province because of the interiors, even the chairs and tables are very classic with a Filipino touch.

Second, choosing different regional cuisines is really a problem for us because we are not totally familiar with all of their menus, but because it’s not our first time, we would like to order what we tried last time but inside our brains, “No! We need to try other dishes”. Well, even though for many it’s not a problem, but for us it is a problem that’s needed to be enjoyed so we usually order new dishes that we are not familiar with and other dishes that we love to eat.

Lastly, every food that we have tried is very tasty, and all of the menus always sound great to us even though we’ve been there already. Here are some of my favorite dishes: chicken binakol, soup buntot, chicken and prock pochero,steamed okra, pinakbet with bangus belly, pasta beef kaldereta, kare kare, baby squid and bagoong rice.

Mesa Filipino Moderne SM Megamall Review

  • Variety – The restaurant has a lot of variety of different local-regional cuisines to choose from and I think they are very innovative, because the first time we tried there, our first impression was “Wow! That menu really exists?”. So I’m giving 8 stars.
  • Ambiance – I really like the place because it shows that they are really a Filipino restaurant and even the  staff’s uniform has a Filipino touch. However the space on SM Megamall Branch is small, so you can hear those chitchat of other customers eating at that place. So I’m giving 6 stars.
  • Taste & Appearance –  As they always say “If it’s good looking it must be delicious”, well it applies to its menu perfectly. The food’s name sounds great, but the taste is even greater. Every time we eat there,I can always taste the sweetness, juiciness of their food especially the “Chicken Binakol”. So I’m giving 9 stars.
  • Service – Their staff is prompt and always made sure if we still need something else. However, some of my friends are disappointed in some branches of this restaurant because of their lousy service. Maybe not at SM Megamall, so I’m giving 7 stars.
  • Price – Well, I think the price of the food is reasonable considering the taste of the food and the ambiance of the place. So I’m giving 6 stars.





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wow so yummy delicious.

Ferly Queen

This is what I am looking for for a place to dine in Manila. The food itself is so inviting. The price is also worth it because as what my friend told me, it’s so delicious and Pinoy na Pinoy talaga. Also, having a perfect ambiance for family gatherings, special treat for love ones and of course ‘di nawawala ang Filipino style nila. If you want a place to dine in, Mesa Filipino is a perfect place for you!

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