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National Center for Mental Health

National Center for Mental Health (f. The National Mental Hospital)
 Mauway, Mandaluyong, Manila
(2) 531 9001
[email protected]
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A government-run mental health care facility.

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Class Government facility
Services and Programs General adult, child, adolescent and forensic psychiatry, outpatient services (e.g. emergency psychiatry, crisis intervention, public health and domiciliary psychiatry, etc.), ancillary services (e.g. clinical laboratory, psychological, radiologic and dental services, etc.)
Facilities and Amenities 28 pavilions, 55 wards, medical infirmary, library, chapel, conference rooms, tennis court, basketball court, multi-purpose hall and dormitories; personnel complement includes medical staffs, nurses, medical ancillary personnel and administrative support staffs
Other Details Provides psychiatry residency training program for doctors, psychiatric nursing program, affiliation programs (for students in the fields of psychology, pharmacy, medical social service, etc.), and research and clinical trials

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