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Mega Tuna Sweet and Spicy Review

Because of my busy schedule, I am one of those people who takes advantage of meals that are fast and easy to prepare. Goods that can be eaten straight from the can such as sardines, pork and beans, and canned tuna never miss my grocery list. Canned tuna has always been my favorite because I can create  dishes out of it. My all-time favorites are tuna spread, tuna carbonara, omelette and tuna sisig.

There are many different brands of canned tuna available in the market today. You can enjoy varieties such as tuna flakes in oil, corned tuna, flakes in brine, hot and spicy etc.

Lately, I discovered a new product created by Mega, their own version of canned tuna.My most trusted sardines brand has always been Mega. I remember the commercial of Mr. Cesar Montano where the company had shown to the public how their sardines were created fresh and straight from the sea. 

Mega Tuna guarantees 100% Tuna Meat. Ready to eat in an easy open can. Pure, fresh & no extenders. Available variants are Flakes in Oil, Hot & Spicy & Sweet & Spicy.

I first tried their Sweet and Spicy variant. As I flip the can open, I was surprised to see that it was full and meaty, unlike other brands of canned tunas which has more oil or brine with only few shreds of meat. It was really good! It has the right amount of sweetness and spice. It comes with peppers, bay leaf and corn kernels. Pair it with white steamy rice, and you’re good to go!

I also tried the other two flavors, Hot and Spicy and Flakes in oil.  I also add these to our sandwiches and it really taste good. I have one particular brand of corned tuna that I dislike due to its taste, more like an artificial flavor. But Mega Tuna is definitely the best canned tuna that I ever tasted. So meaty and delicious! Mega Tuna can also be a great source of protein for muscle development and omega 3 which is definitely good for the heart.

For tuna lovers out there, I strongly recommend to give Mega brand a try. I’m sure you’ll love it too!

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