List of Maternity and Lying-In Clinics in the Davao del Sur
Maternity, lying-in clinics (paanakan) and birthing facilities in Davao City, Philippines.

Tallo Maternity & Family Planning Clinic Davao City
T & R Lying-In Clinic Davao City
Tecarro College Foundation Inc-Birthing Ctr. Davao City
Tecarro Polyclinic Hospital Davao City
Mercy Family Health Care Clinic Davao City
Mom’s Choice Family Care & Maternity Clinic Davao City
Nerizza Dolorito Well Family Midwife Clinic Davao City
Nurse Mid Maternity Clinic Davao City
Pablo Maternity Clinic Davao City
Paquibato District Hospital Davao City
Rasonable Midwife Clinic Davao City
Rusiana Maternity & Reproductive Health Davao City
Sahot-Alojado Maternity Clinic Davao City
San Pedro College Health Center Davao City
St. Leonor Maternity & Family Planning Clinic ~N/A
Telewik Maternity and Family Planning Clinic ~N/A
Teresita Rusiana Maternity & Family Planning Clinic ~N/A
Mommy & Baby Birthing Home & Family Planning Clinic ~N/A
Tibungco Lying-In ~N/A
Welcome Family Maternity Clinic of Davao Inc. ~N/A
Porlares Bluestar Maternity & Family Planning Clinic ~N/A
TJ Maternity Clinic ~N/A
Reo Maternity & Family Planning Clinic ~N/A
Sacre Coeur Medical Clinic & Birthing Center ~N/A
Aloha Maternity and Emergency Care Clinic ~N/A
Village Care Maternity and Multispecialty Clinic Inc. ~N/A
Sarona Birthing Clinic ~N/A
Abucay Health Center and Lying-in Clinic ~N/A
Anita Alojado Well-Family Midwife Clinic (Bangkal Branch) ~N/A
Anita E. Alojado Well-Family Midwife Clinic (Cabantian Branch) ~N/A
Golosino Maternity & Family Planning Clinic ~N/A
Calunod Paanakan Center ~N/A
CCS Paanakan ~N/A

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