Grand Royal Spa (Talamban Branch)

Grand Royal Spa (Talamban Branch)
CT Arcade, Talamban, Cebu City
(32) 416 0038
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To be a venue for unwinding and relaxation by delivering excellence in terms of service, personnel and ambience to a wide range of market.

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Body Scrub 400.00 40mins
Stone Massage 400.00
Bentosa Cupping 380.00
Thermal Massage 350.00
Body Massage 300.00
Facial Cleansing 230.00 45mins
Foot Scrub 220.00
Thai Massage 200.00
Foot Massage 150.00
Royal Packages
Foot Massage and Facial Cleansing Thai 320.00
Massage and Foot Scrub 350.00
Foot Scrub and Facial Cleansing 380.00
Body Massage and Foot Massage 400.00
Thermal Massage and Foot Massage 420.00
Facial Cleansing, Foot Massage and Body Massage 580.00
Body Scrub and Body Massage 600.00
Bentosa Cupping and Body Scrub 660.00
Stone Massage and Body Scrub 680.00
Body Scrub, Facial Cleansing and Foot Scrub 720.00
Sauna 150.00 (15-30 mins)
100.00 (15-30 mins); if you avail another service
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