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Lemon Square Danish Butter Cake Review

I know I am not the only one who is tired of eating the typical cupcakes. To me they taste all the same no matter what their flavors are. I want something new – new to my eyesight especially to my taste buds. Out of the blue, I found this Lemon Square Danish Butter Cake when I went to the supermarket last week.

What I like about Lemon Square Danish Butter Cake is its buttery taste. I cannot compare it to any other butter cupcake or bread. It is simply beyond compare. I can easily taste its butter, milk and eggs. Every bite is deliciously rich and creamy. Once I tear its plastic pouch I can immediately smell its buttery scent and I already know that it is tasty. I actually did not like the taste of butter before. But this special butter cake has amazingly changed my perception.

Another thing I love about Lemon Square Danish Butter Cake is its fluffiness. The whole pastry is so soft and smooth. I do not need to make an effort to chew it. I can say that its top layer or crust is really filled with buttermilk because it is very milky and buttery. I can see some butter inside it too.

I also like how Lemon Square Danish Butter Cake is packed. It is contained in a nicely labeled plastic pouch that is placed in a small carton box. I think it can be a perfect gift to anyone. They won’t even think that there are butter cake bars inside. It is also a perfect snack for visitors since it is not an ordinary delight.

Lemon Square Danish Butter Cake is affordable. I am not saying that it is “very” affordable but its price is “just” and worth it. A box of it has eight cake bars and costs 58 Php, slightly higher than others. I think it’s the ingredients that make it a bit costly. Well, we cannot just find a home-baked butter cake that is as butter, milky and creamy as Lemon Square’s. Every bite of it is worth a peso. I am pretty sure everyone will love Lemon Square Danish Butter Cake!

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