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Published on September 9th, 2013 | by maryherbel


Jollibee Happy Plus Card Review

The Happy Plus Card is the fast food giant Jollibee’s first cashless payment card. Apart from Jollibee stores, the card could also be used to pay for foods ordered in its subsidiary companies: Chowking, Red Ribbon and Greenwich.

At first, I’m apprehensive at getting it because I had to pay PhP 100 to avail the card and purchase another PhP 100 worth of initial load. However, I decided to buy it because of the attractive ongoing promo of the company. By purchasing loads available in denominations of PhP 100 to PhP 500, a subscriber will earn points for the monthly raffle. Your points will give you a chance to win cash prizes worth PhP 100,000 every month through December 2013. Since I have purchased it just recently, I’m still crossing my fingers and hoping that I will win.

Aside from the raffle, I also like the fact that the card offers rewards for every peso I spent. For every PhP 50, my card earns 1 point equivalent to PhP 1. The accumulated points could be used to pay for the food. This is good for the subscriber because we get more value for our food. The company also benefits from this set-up because it ensures loyal and repeat customers.

The card comes with Free Discount Coupons that takes off PhP 50 for every PhP 250 food purchase in Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich and Red Ribbon. When my friends and I eat out, I could use the discount coupon and get my meal free. With this, I feel that the PhP 100 I spent for the card is compensated already. I’m a very thrifty girl so I like the idea that I get something in return for the money I spent.

As a busy working girl, I value that the cashless payment makes for an easier and faster transaction at the counter. However, I think the services could still be improved. Sometimes, the system gets offline and I had to pay the old fashioned way. The company has also promised to make the card available in paying for Mang Inasal food purchases but it is yet to be available. That’s too bad because I like eating in Mang Inasal.

The card reloading facilities needed improving, too. Right now, subscribers needed to reload at the Jollibee stores over the counter. It would be more efficient if subscribers will also have an option to reload their cards online or through other payment facility. Nevertheless, I find the service good. I definitely would recommend more subscribers to get the card.

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15 Responses to Jollibee Happy Plus Card Review

  1. krys says:

    this card save my day, when we were strolling with my nieces, we pass through jollibee and you know kids, they really love jollibee. so we went there and I forgot that I only brought a little money , enough to stroll. then I remember that I have this card that just loaded. so I just used this card. thanks to this card I made my nieces happy :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi you can now load your happyplus thru mobilty. Ask me how @09257094944

  3. jenelyn villaroque says:

    ask q lng qng pnu po b gmtn ung happy plus card at qng pnu po q mkpg reload?n0w lng po kc q nag avail nito eh..tnx

  4. Shella Hablo says:

    Is it your new policy not to give the Official Receipt to the customer if we load up our happy plus? I experienced it here in Calumpang, Gensan branch for so many times. I’ve been observing this for almost 1 week already.

    • Mac says:

      Hello Shella and thanks for reaching out. I just called Jollibee and yes, they do issue receipt upon reload. Have you tried asking for it?

  5. Unknown says:

    I used my Happy plus.
    I availed the card last December 21, 2014 around afternoon in Tanza branch.
    I paid the card for 100 then I load it for 200.00. I never used the card.
    I went to Makati site of Jollibee. I load the card for another 100.00. I never used it for the food. Then now, December 27, 2014 I went to Jollibee Tanza, I ordered 1 SMB Bf Tapa @ 110.00 and 1 Yum @ 30.00 in total of 125.00 pus 12% Vat in sum of P140.00.
    QTY.: 4.

    As I noticed on the receipt, my available balance is 50.00 with 2.080 HappyPts Earned then 5.00 HappyPts Balance.

    I asked one of the crew how come that my available balance is 50.00. He step away from me to ask but never come back.

    I asked for the Assistant Manager or ARM 3 JB Tanza name Gerald Pontevedra how come that my available balance is 50.00 – he cannot be able to answer the question instead asked for the help to one of the crew as well name Ethel.

    Ethel further explained that possible my happy plus has 190.00 balance and not 300.00..
    I explained to her that my Happy Plus load is 300. That’s the first time I used it.

    I asked if they can review the record of the card since activating it to view how much is the actual load balance of it. To prove that I have 300.00 load on it.

    Assistant Manager or ARM 3 JB Tanza name Gerald Pontevedra told me that they need to call to further check.

    I wait for how many minutes and they gave me a paper with a period of 12/27/2014-12/27/2014 store code 392 JB Tanza Cavite.

    Date: 12/27/14 time 08:46 MID 000000060010112 TID 0423830543 POS # 4 Cashier ID 530 Receipt Number 242347 Card ID 100102020757193 Beg. Bal. 190.00 Purchased 140.00 Loaded 0.00 Transferred 0.00 End Bal. 50.00 Beg. Bal. 2.20 Redeemed 0.00 Earned 2.80 Transferred 0.00 end Bal.,

    I was piqued with the service of Jollibee Tanza.
    I used to eat their.

    The last time I went their is the cashier gave the incorrect change and they don’t even apologize. The tone of her voice seems to be mad at all.

    Then the second issue is that, most of the box putting on some of the table so that I table on the very corner that almost can’t see.

    Please … corresponding action on this.



    • Mac says:

      Hello Amber and thanks for reaching out. Were they able to provide you with a paper trail listing your previous “cash-in” transactions? Since you had your card last Dec. 21 and deposited cash a few times on different dates, those dates should appear in the trail as well. I understand that every time you load your card, you will receive a receipt. Did you receive receipts before?

  6. Anne Ericka A. Pascaran says:

    Good Day.. HOw to get the 12% Vat of your food? . because I need this to my Project .. Thankyou :)

  7. Jeffrey R. says:

    I tried paying for my purchased meal using my card’s remaining load and was ready with cash for the balance however the crew didn’t allow the transaction. How is this possible? I’ve done it before and was able to successfully use my load and pay with cash for the balance.

    I’ll appreciate your immediate response.

    All the best.

    • webbline says:

      Hello Jeffrey and thanks for reaching out. I called Jollibee and they said they don’t allow it. It doesn’t work like credit cards where you can charge this amount to your card and then pay the balance in cash. If you’ve done this before, then perhaps they’ve changed it just recently.

  8. amreo says:

    Can i use happy plus card pag nagpadeliver ako? Thanks!

  9. Ava A. says:

    Nageexpire po ba ung Happy Plus Card? ung sakin kasi napurchase ko pa two years ago kaso never ko pa nagamit. Thanks! I’ll wait for your reply :-)

  10. Romulo C. Aranda says:

    Bakit naman laging off-line ang machine ng Happy Plus Card?
    Sa Stop n Shop 7pm pa lang dati off-line na
    Nitong bakasyon ko from August 28-31, 2015 ginamit ko ang Happy Plus Card sa jollibee Ilagan, Isabela, off line daw, so cash tuloy ang ginamit ko at sayang naman ang points na dapat na-earn ko. Then ginamit ko sa Red Ribbon na katabi doon ng Jollibee, reloading lang ang pwede pero pag gamitin ko sa purchases ko off-line daw, kaya cash na naman ang binayad ko bukod sa pag reload ko at nasayang na naman ang points ko.

    mukhang laging offline ah… nasasayang tuloy ang points. paano kami makakaipon ng points kung laging offline ang machine…

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