Every gift is appreciated. Every gift makes a difference in the lives of these kids.


  • AL_110, Bonamil, Lactum 1-3. NAN HA 1 & 2, Nestogen 1 & 2, Nido Jr., Nido Fortified, Bear Brand, Milo, Ovaltine, Enfalac_Lacto_Free, Bonna, Bonakid 1^3

Food Stuff

  • Jelly Ace, Macaroni, Miswa, Bihon, Noodles, Canton
  • Sugar, Biscuits/Cookies (individually wrap)
  • Canned Goods (sardines, meat loaf, corned beef, sausages)
  • Rice, Eggs, Wilkins mineral water Cooking Needs
  • Cooking Oil, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Salt, Tomato Sauce, Spaghetti Sauce, Catsup


  • Apple, Oranges, Banana, Grapes (or any seasonal fruits)

Vitamins / Medicines

  • Ventolin Salbutamol nebules/drops, Combivent nebules
  • E-Zinc drops & syrup/Pedzinc/any vitamins w/ Zinc
  • Ferlin drops/ syrup, Calmoseptine Cream
  • Rifampicin 200mg/5ml, Comprilex syrup, Iterax syrup
  • Tempra syrup / drops. Ibufrofen drops/ syrup
  • Amoxicillin Suspension drops/syrup. Cetirizine svrup
  • Cloxacillin (Phostaphlin) Pharex, Salinase nasal drops
  • Clarithromycin, Cefalexin, Co – Amoxiclav
  • Stafloxin, Desitin cream/ ointment. Pevaryl cream
  • Hydrite tablets / Pedialyte / Gatorade / Glucolyte
  • Isoniazid 200mg/5ml, PZA 500mg/5ml
  • Loviscol drops/ syrup, Ambroxol syrup/ drops
  • Dimetapp or Disudrin syrup/drops, Aciete Manzanilla
  • Bactrohan, Foskina. Bactifree cream/ointment
  • Enervon C plus. Ceelin, Cherifer drops/syrup
  • Augmentin Suspension 156.25mg/5ml, Ear drops
  • Hydrogen Peroxide 10 volumes, Betadine, Vicks
  • Topamax SOmg Tablet, Depakote 125mg capsule
  • Depakene 250mg syrup, Prednisone 10mg/5ml syrup


  • Powder / Bar Soap
  • Baby Bath Soap (safeguard/ Johnsons)
  • Shampoo (Johnsons)
  • Baby Oil / Baby Lotion / Baby Powder
  • Cotton Buds / Cotton, Cologne
  • Feeding Bottles & Nipples
  • Bathroom Tissue, Toothpaste
  • Alcohol (70% solution)
  • Clothes Pins (for diaper), Laundry clips
  • Disposable Diapers (sizes: Small, Medium, Large. XT )


  • Musical & Educational Toys
  • Clothing/ Baby Needs
  • Shorts / T-shirts, Briefs / Panties, Baby Pillows
  • Socks, Shoes / Sandals, Slippers
  • Towels / String Sheets, Cloth Diapers

School Materials

  • Clear Book (asstd. Colors), Bond paper short/long, Art paper, Cartolina, Paste, Manila Paper, Envelope, Folder short/long, Pencil (Mongol – Black), Ball pen, Pentel pen Wytebord Marker, Elmers Glue


  • Battery AA (Evervday/Energizer)
  • Garbage Plastic, Soft Brooms
  • Disinfectant / Zonrox
  • Ceiling Fans, Washing Machine, Computer
  • Vegetable Seeds

Hello, ano po hanap nyo dito?

Wheng Valeza
Wheng Valeza

Hello po just want to ask how can we send our donations? or have a celebration there in your area? whom can we connect to… thanks