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Published on September 8th, 2013 | by ermi


Eskinol Pimple Fighting Facial Deep Cleanser and Clindamycin Capsule Review

I started to have few “big” red pimples when I was in high-school. It wasn’t that really serious like acne though, but I have a white complexion and skin blemishes on my face are really obvious.

I had tried many products to clear up my new pimples and dark scars from pimple breakouts but to no avail. I stumbled across Eskinol Pimple Fighting and Clindamycin Capsule reviews on the internet. There are so many people who have tried this regimen and many of them testified that it’s effective. Because of that, I bought one 225 ml Eskinol Pimple Fighting and 300 mg Clindamycin capsule. I bought the “generic’’ Clindamycin capsule because it’s cheap yet effective. If you don’t like generic medicine, then you can still buy the non-generic Dalacin C, which costs around 50 pesos.

I twisted open the Clindamycin capsule, removed the bottle cap of Eskinol, mixed the powder with it, shook, and applied it on my whole face. I applied it twice or even thrice daily for two consecutive months and miraculously it did work; pimple breakouts gradually diminished. Now, I only have to use it before bedtime as my maintenance. It’s the only regimen that my face gets used to and been doing this for the past two years now.

Eskinol Pimple Fighting is a facial cleanser that helps you clear up your pimples. On the other hand, Clindamycin is an anti-bacterial capsule which is very helpful to combat pimples caused by germs. Because of the two anti-bacterial solutions, my pimples cleared up, and I am so happy! Not only that I have a white complexion, but I also have a blemish and pimple free skin!

Goodbye for the once nightmare in my life – reoccurring few “big”, red pimple breakouts! Why do I have to spend so much money for derma treatment where I can only clear my pimples up with Eskinol and Clindamycin? I recommend this for those who are prone to acne. When you’re out and about, make sure that you will choose Eskinol “Pimple Fighting” for a faster result.

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Hello, ano po hanap nyo dito?


Normal po ba na may lumalabas na pimples? May mga tumutubo kcng pimples nung ginamit ko po e.


Im really amaze of this combination eskinol&clindamycin! It really dries up my acne marks in a few days! Im just starting using it 3days ago,bcos my acne attacking my face again!I remember my mom sent me a capsule i thought it was dalacin-c,but she say d pharmacist tell her it helps to remove acne!Then i try i 2x a day after washing my face, i see d result its getting better!When i wake up this morning, i notice my acne are getting dry&its peeling! Maybe in a few weeks my acne&acne marks are not visible… Thanks

Mac @webbline

Glad it worked for you, JC


Hi, just want to ask about the break outs? I really want to get rid of my pimples and pimple marks but I’m afraid of the ‘after use’, the breakouts I mean. Will the pimples in my face, pops up the time I use this kind of combination.? Thanks..


natanggal din pu b ung pimple mark nyo ?? anu pu b pdi pantanggal sa pimple mark ??
pls. help po sa feb.14 po kc J.S pR0m namen.. :'(

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