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Ellips Cologne Review

Nothing is more memorable than a smell. Sometimes your scent defines your mood and who you are. There are times when we feel like splashing on something citrus, sweet, floral etc. depending on our mood. One thing’s for sure; a person’s outfit wouldn’t be complete without a dab or splash of their favorite scent.

In my case, I am practical and economical when it comes to choosing the right perfume. Why spend for expensive ones when you can have the same quality with cheaper colognes? I am not really fond of perfumes with strong fragrance. But there are some colognes with scent that doesn’t really last long.

Guess what! I use Ellips cologne for over  five years now.

Ellips cologne comes in six variants for a moody woman like me to choose from. Missy and Doll, the lavender and red label come in floral scent. Cutie, the yellow label has a citrus fragrance. Preppy, the green label has a cool and relaxing scent. Pixie, the blue label smells aquatic. Lastly, my personal favorite is Tease, the pink label with a sweet scent like candies!

What is surprising about these colognes by Ellips is that their fragrance last longer compared to other cologne brands that I already tried before. My friends often compliment my scent and often ask about the perfume brand that I use. They said it smells like an imported brand. They were surprised when I told them it’s Ellips.

I do have a collection of different scents from Ellips, and I usually match them with my outfit and my mood. During summer, I choose Cutie which has a citrus scent, perfect for the humid weather.Doll is best for evening balls and memorable diner dates.  Pixie for sentimental mood, and Tease during regular days.

For young ladies out there, you don’t really have to spend much in buying expensive perfumes. I recommend Ellips cologne with cool and fresh scents to choose from. It is very affordable. Each bottle costs 25 pesos. You can have all variants for only 150 pesos. It has a long lasting fragrance that I’m sure you’ll love!

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