Makeup ELF Eyebrow Kit Review

Published on December 26th, 2013 | by Kristine


ELF Eyebrow Kit Review: An Inexpensive Way towards Better Brows

Some people have naturally nice looking brows; others have to work their way towards achieving that. I guess I’d have to say I belong to the latter group. I have sparse eyebrows. While others find using an eyebrow pencil to be a breeze, I end up applying it a tad too thick, making my eyebrows a little too strong. Yes, I’ve tried using it with a brush, too, but it still looked a little too strong. I decided that sporting the sparse-eyebrow-look was something that I just had to live with until a friend introduced me to one fantastic product: the ELF Eyebrow Kit. I buy mine at SM Department Store.

This kit contains eyebrow setting powder and pigmented wax. ELF Eyebrow Kit comes in three shades, but since I bleached my hair blond, and I also bleached my brows, I’m using the lightest shade from ELF.

First, I love the double-sided brush that comes along with it. Its fluffy side makes applying the powder very easy. I use the powder to fill my brows to make it look thicker and fuller. I prefer using a powder over pencil because it’s very manageable. You may need a couple of strokes for its color to show, but you can always reapply if you want it to be darker. I just apply it a few times for that needed definition. This product gives me options whether to have light eyebrows like those of K-pop stars, or to go heavy for parties and the night life.

When I’m in a hurry, I do away with applying the wax, as the powder alone does the neat trick of making your brows look defined. I prefer using the wax, though, because it gives my eyebrows that arch. To apply the wax, just use the angled side of the brush and carefully trace the lower part of your brow. The process does take a little getting used to, but once you’ve learned the trick, it’s just going to be a piece of cake for you.

There are other eyebrow kits that do the trick. I prefer this brand, though, because it’s very affordable. At Php 250.00, it’s definitely a great buy because it’s so far lasted me 6 months. Plus, the lightest shade works well for blond, light brown, or red hair. I think that because products like the ELF Eyebrow Kit are readily available in the malls nearest you, there’s no excuse for having ungroomed eyebrows.

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