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Published on September 25th, 2015 | by Donna Lou Resurreccion-Dela Cruz


Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo Review


I have always been so meticulous in choosing the best formulated soap that suits my skin type. I never fail to check the label and scrutinize the ingredients’ safety and effectiveness. But when it comes to buying a shampoo, I can go with anything! I usually drop by the nearest sari-sari store, with messy hair, towels over my shoulders and pick whatever catches my eyes first on their shampoo sachets section.

Of course, I do have my personal favorites. I love Dove shampoo, and any variant would do. Dove makes my hair soft and manageable that I do not have to comb my hair from time to time.  What I do not like is that they all have the same scent that seemed so unpleasant when your scalp gets sweaty. They all smell something like coconut oil. I am not certain if it’s one of the ingredients of the shampoo. But it does smell like it.

Lately, I discovered their all new variant which is the Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo. It has shiny light blue color which I almost have mistaken  as Dove Damage therapy shampoo, the darker blue one. I was curious if it smells like the others, so I gave it a try! Yes. I am not really a fan of fragrant shampoos and conditioners.

To my surprise, this shampoo has a milder scent. Its fragrance reminds me of sea breeze. The fun part is its clear liquid color when you squeeze it out.It is written on the back label that it’s best for those who have flat, limp and lifeless hair. Mine is thick and straight, yet I love how it gives volume making my short bob hair more stylish. Pair it with Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Conditioner and you’ll get a shinier and bouncier hair. 

This shampoo became my personal choice because of its milder scent and the soft bounce it gives my hair. But if your an avid fan of sweet scented, or expecting more like a floral fragrance that lingers all day, this might not be suited for you.

If you want to give more bounce and volume to your lifeless, limp hair, this product is worth a try!

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aj elarco
aj elarco

i’ve tried several shampoo & conditioner brands yet it makes my hair still dry & lifeless but there’s nothing more beautiful than these product when i used it for a my hair is become fully alive.

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