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Champion Infinity Fabri-con Review

I have tried several fabric conditioners and so far when it comes to affordability and fragrance longevity only one has turned me on. My mom and I have been using it for more than a month now and I can say that it has all what we want and need in a fabric conditioner. It is called Champion Infinity Fabri-con Liquid Fabric Conditioner.

Softness and fragrance that last!

What I like about Champion Infinity Fabri-con is it makes my clothes feel so soft and smell so sweet. Its fragrance lasts for many hours. When I collect my used clothes for washing, I notice that the fragrance is still on them. I feel fresh all day with it. When I perspire, my sweat does not diffuse or stink and I can still smell the pleasing scent of my blouse. I once forgot to wear my perfume and my shirt’s scent saved my day. I read that it does not simply have perfume capsules but some anti-bacterial ingredients that stop the growth of malodor-causing bacteria on clothes. My clothes do not smell bad during rainy days or even when they are dried indoors.

Skin-friendly and bubble-less!

Champion Infinity Fabri-con does not irritate my hands. I have a sensitive skin and some fabric conditioners get my hands itchy. It also hastens the rinsing process thereby saving water. I see no bubbles when I soak and rinse my clothes with a diluted mixture of it for the last time. Its one-rinse formula is a fact and not a myth.

Cheaper than others!

Another thing I like about Champion Infinity Fabri-con is it is very affordable yet it has a long-lasting effect. In fact it is cheaper than the other fabric conditioners. A 28 mL sachet of it is worth 4.75 Php only. For me this is the best fabric conditioner for housewives who do their laundry almost every day. We can use it daily without worrying about how much we spend for our fabric softener. And we can just run to the nearest sari-sari store when we need some.

If you want a fabric conditioner that is not only cheap but also has an everlasting fragrance, antibacterial power and one-rinse formula, I proudly recommend Champion Infinity Fabri-con Liquid Fabric Conditioner. Why buy an expensive one if you can have something that is more affordable and has better or at least the same quality? Champion Infinity Fabri-con is definitely an all-in-one fabric conditioner!

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