List of Budget Hotels in Cebu

List of budget hotels, motels, inns and guesthouses in Cebu City, Mandaue City, Lapu-lapu City, Talisay City and neighboring areas.

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Adelfa Hotel 545.00 /pax (Double)
Alemar Budgetel 300.00 /pax (12 hrs)
Anri Pension House 390.00 /pax (Double)
Airol Pension House 275.00 /pax (12 hrs)
Allsons’ Inn Pension House 625.00 /pax (Double)
Alto Pension House 450.00 /pax (Standard Double)
Apple Tree Suites 699.00 /pax (Twin)
Arbel Pension House 275.00 /pax (Fan, Double Bed)
Balay Bakasyunan Boutique Hostel 500.00 /pax (Mixed Dorm)
Beverly Boutique Hotel 815.00 /pax (Standard)
C’est La Vie Pension 700.00 /pax (Single)
Cebu Regal Pension House Rates not available
Casa Rosario Pension House 600.00 /pax (Standard)
Cebu Business Hotel 705.00 /pax (Standard)
Cebu Century Hotel 370.00 /pax (Double Economy)
Cebu Guest House 312.50 /pax (Budget Private)
Cebu Pension Plaza Rates not available
Cebuview Tourist Inn 550.00 /pax (Standard Twin Bed)
DepEd Ecotech Dorm 250.00 /pax (Dorm)
Diplomat Hotel 520.00 /pax (Standard)
Dragon Home Inn 600.00 /pax (Superior)
Domus Aurea Pension House Incorporated Rates not available
Dynasty Tourist Inn 600.00 /pax (Deluxe)
Elegant Circle Inn 510.00 /pax (Economy)
Executive Pension 480.00 /pax (Twin Single Rooom)
Express Inn (M.J. Cuenco Branch) 640.00 /pax (Superior)
Fuente Pension House 572.00 /pax (Twin Sharing)
Golden Peak Hotel & Suites 900.00 /pax (De Luxe)
Golden Valley Hotel 775.00 /pax (Standard Room)
Gran Prix Hotel 579.00 /pax (Superior)
Gran Tierra Suites 494.50 /pax (Double)
GV Tower Hotel (Sanciangko Branch) Rates not available
Hey Fellas Guesthouse 350.00 /pax /bed /night
Honey Hunt House Pension 400.00 /pax (Twin Sharing)
Hotel de Mercedes 432.00 /pax (Deluxe)
Hotel Pier Cuatro 640.00 /pax (Deluxe)
Hotel Stella 649.00 /pax (Deluxe)
Island Stay Hotel 725.00 /pax (Medium)
Jasmin Pension House 415.00 /pax
Kaizen Pension House 300.00 (short time)
Kan-Irag Hotel 328.00 /pax (Suite)
Kukuk’s Nest Pension House 425.00 /pax (Double Aircon)
La Guardia Hotel 270.00 /pax (Economy)
LS3 Pension House 350.00 /pax (Double Matrimonial)
Magnolia Pension House 761.60 /pax
Mambaling Pension House 260.00 /pax (Standard Room)
Mayflower Inn Rates not available
Metro Park Hotel 400.00 /pax (Economy)
New Era Pension Inn 794.00 /pax (Couple)
Pacific Pensionne 585.00 /pax (Double Twin Bed)
Palladium Suites 475.00 (Standard Double)
Regal Business Park Hotel 720.00 /pax (Double)
Richmond Plaza Hotel 950.00 /pax (Superior)
Robes Pension House 350.00 /pax (Standard Double)
Roseate Pensione 494.00 /pax (Twin)
Sampaguita Suites JRG 499.00 /pax (Standard Matrimonial)
Sampaguita Suites Plaza Garcia 449.00 /pax (Matrimonial Standard)
Santo Niño Suites Rates not available
Sugbutel Bed & Bath 250.00 /pax (Business Class. Hostel)
Teresita’s Dormtel 600.00 /pax (Hostel)
The Center Suites 649.50 /pax (Twin Sharing)
Tonros Apartelle 375.00 /pax (Double)
Tr3ats Guest House 388.00 /pax (Dorm)
TravelBee Pension House (Central Inn) 400.00 /pax (Economy)
Tune Hotel 765.00 /pax (Double)
Valleyfront Hotel 475.00 /pax (Twin)
Verbena Pension House 812.50 /pax (Superior Deluxe Single Room)
West Gorordo Hotel 990.00 /pax (Standard Double)
Westpoint Inn 410.00 /pax (Deluxe)
Wow Lodge (Mambaling Branch) 50.00 (short time)
Ace Penzionne 600.00 /pax (Standard)
Andy Hotel 740.00 /pax (Standard)
Anthurium Inn 320.00 /pax (Double Fan)
Cinfandel Suites Co 625.00 /pax (Double)
Europa Mansionette Inn 440.00 /pax (Standard Double)
Express Inn (Mactan Branch) 555.00 /pax (Standard)
Ford’s Inn Rates not available
Islands Stay Hotel (Mactan Branch) 725.00 /pax (Medium)
La Maria Pension & Tourist Inn 437.50 /pax (Standard Matrimonial)
Maanyag Pension House 400.00 /pax (Standard)
Mactan Pension House 475.00 /pax (Standard)
PMG Pension House 700.00 - 1,500.00 /day
GV Hotel (Tabunok Branch) 312.50 /pax (Economy Matrimonial)
Oyy Lodge 40.00 1hr (short time)
VF Pension 350.00 /pax (Rooms 2, 4, 6, 10, 12 & 14)
Wow Lodge (Talisay Branch) 50.00 1hr (short time)
Acasia Pension House (Argao) 450.00 /pax
Compostela Pension (Compostela) Rates not available
CounTess Pension House (Liloan) 600.00 /pax (Twin)
Sea Gates Catadman Lodge (Danao) 197.50 /pax (Fan)
Madelaine's Place (Danao) Rates not available