List of Budget Hotels in Boracay

Need a cheap accommodation in Boracay? Here’s our list of budget hotels, motels, inns, guesthouses and resorts to consider.

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Boracay Tourists’ Inn 600.00 /pax (Standard Double)
Lakbayan Hotels Boracay 999.00 /room (Low Season)
La Fiesta Resort 850.00 /pax (Standard Low Season)
La Plage de Boracay 900.00 /pax (Off Season)
Sunshine Place 900.00 /pax (Low Season)
Surfers Home 600.00 /pax (Standard Double)
Alamo Bay Inn 1,080.00 /room (Budget Room Low Season)
Jerome’s Resort 750.00 /pax (Deluxe)
Island Nook Hotel Boracay 925.00 /pax (Single Deluxe)
Panorama Boracay Resort 570.00 /pax (Standard Twin)
Shenna’s Beach Resort & Restaurant 1,000.00 /pax (Standard Low Season)
Tans Guesthouse 1,000.00 /pax (Deluxe Single)
Villa Simprosa Resort 600.00 /pax (Low Season)
Bonueva Home 988.00 /night
Cena’s Guesthouse 250.00 /pax (Fan)
M&E Guesthouse 700.00 /room (Fan Room)
Orchids Resort 545.00 /room (Standard Low Season)
Island Jewel Inn 1,265.00 /room (Standard Fan Low Season)
Melinda’s Garden 840.00 /room (Economy Cottage Low Season)
Villa Romero de Boracay 400.00 /pax (Fan Room)

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