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Book Review: The Fifty Shades Trilogy

Most of the people already knew about these books. And I’m one of those.

Honestly, this is my first time to finish three novel books. I read books but I don’t usually finish it. Sometimes I forgot to finish or the first part of it is already boring. But when it comes to these books, I actually find time to read it. I finish first the things I have to do and then afterwards, I sit back and read.

I remember the first time I saw this book. I saw my friend reading it and when I ask what it is about, it pique my interest. That’s how I started reading it from the first novel to third.

Those are really good books. If you’re going to read it thoroughly, they are so many scenes wherein you’ll feel the love between the two main characters, the intense, and their chemistry. Yeah, it also have “that” but if you’re just going to step it aside and concentrate on the romance, you’ll be amazed how those two characters face the obstacles together and what makes them to have a very strong bond with each other.

As a reader, I have my “tastes” when it comes to the books. I want something unique, a storyline that cannot be predicted by the readers or something to looked forward. These books were the one who made that. These reached my expectations. I’m always looking for some books that will pique my interest and these books have it.

The author of these books made me connected to the world of the characters. I was able to view the places where they made memories, food that they tasted and feel the romance that they have for each other. In these books you can really feel the love between the two characters have for each other and you’ll be amazed how they fight for their love and make their bond stronger.

I hope when you read these books, you can also feel the emotions I felt when reading these. And I hope that you will enjoy reading it.

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Fifty shades of grey is a wonderful book it made me into a emotional wreck. It’s a book with a deep meaning and I enjoyed reading each and every word that is written on it.

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